Babies and Pumpkins

A couple weeks after I asked my cousin, Dawn, to be my matron of honor for our wedding she found out that she was pregnant and her due date was two days after our wedding date in July. She ended up scheduling a c-section for the Tuesday before our wedding but her water ended up breaking on Monday afternoon, a day early. Baby Colton was welcomed into the world on Monday, July 21st. Here, Colton is just over two months old.

Khanh and I spent a weekend with Dawn and Kyle helping to take care of their two boys, Nathan and Colton, and helping with chores around the house. Nathan is two and a half years old so we tried keeping him entertained. We decided to take Nathan to Gull Meadow Farms so Dawn could rest and spend quality time with Colton while Kyle worked 3rd shift and slept during the day.

There are so many activities to keep kids busy for hours. We let Nathan pick out two pumpkins, one for him and one for his brother. After the pumpkin patch, we headed to the activity area where Nathan and Khanh slid down the slide numerous times and completed an obstacle course. There were a couple of boards for the kids to put their face in to take pictures (is there a word for these?) and Nathan wanted to do every last one of these. Our final stop at Gull Meadow Farms was the fresh doughnut shop. We bought a gallon of apple cider and a dozen of both the pumpkin glazed and the apple cinnamon doughnuts.

Once we paid for our doughnuts and apple cider, it was time to load up and head back home. On our drive home we saw hot air balloons that intrigued Nathan to no end. As we kept driving, all of the hot air balloons started to descend into a field and we got an up-close look at a few of them. 

Taking Nathan to Gull Meadow Farms is a memory I will never forget. He is such a sweet and funny little guy and I just love him to pieces.


  1. I thank you Katie and Khanh! Nathan adores both of you so much and I appreciated the help tremendously! Ps love hearing the stories about Nathan and how his personality is with everyone! ~Dawn

  2. Wonderful memories. For Nathan and you 2. Thanks for being so caring.