Micah's 6 Month Check In

Oh, Micah man, I wish time would slow down. I cannot believe you are half a year old! Life is a lot more fun these days now that you are mobile and interact with us. I never want to forget the way I feel when you snuggle up on my chest, hold my finger, or laugh when I sing "How big is Micah? Soooo big!"

Mommy has a few nicknames for you, but I usually call you Punks. I used to call you Punkin, but one day started calling you Punks and it stuck. I'm not sure when I started calling you that, but I love that it's our thing. 

At your 6 month pediatrician visit, you weighed 15 pounds 12 ounces and were 26.25 inches long. You also had to get 3 shots in your thighs and only cried until Mommy picked you up. Way to be a trooper, Punks.

Grandma and Grandpa came to the Sea Life Aquarium with us and Grandpa may have enjoyed it more than anyone. You loved watching the sea turtle, fish, sharks, and sting rays swim around and we could have spent all day watching them.

We took the Baby Led Weaning approach and introduced you to solid foods this month. Bananas have been your absolute favorite food so far. You'd eat an entire banana if we would let you! You also started holding bottles by yourself!

You received your very first Valentine's card. All you wanted to do was eat it. Mommy put you in the Ergo and we walked to our voting location. Voting must be tiring because you passed out on our walk home.

You love to go explore the great outdoors and were so happy to be in the stroller for the first time.

This picture just cracks me up.

At the February Birthday party, you got to pet a bunny. Look how adorable you are in this outfit with matching shoes! Melt my momma heart!

"Mom, did you see that turtle?"

I never knew how much I could love someone until the very first time I saw you. When you tug at my shirt during nursing sessions, the way you stretch really big and stick out your lips after naps, watching Cooper wherever he goes, jumping in your jumper like a mad man are just a few things that I never want to forget about the last 6 months. I'll love you forever, Punks.