Family & Micah's One Year Pictures {2016}

Coincidentally, Micah's one year and our family pictures fell on the same day, one year later, from the day we had Micah's newborn pictures taken. I honestly did not plan it that way, it just happened to be the best day for both our photographer and our schedules. Our pictures were taken at dusk at a local county park in the Nature Preserve and it was absolutely gorgeous. Our photographer was the talented Kathryn of Kathryn Bessette Photography. She is the sweetest nurse turned stay-at-home mom to three who started exploring photography when her first son was born. Such a cool story! 
Prepare yourself for a dump of pictures, but I couldn't resist.

Family Pictures

This first one is my absolute favorite.

I'm so lucky to spend forever with this man right here. He knows me like no one else and still loves me unconditionally.

I could kiss these chubby baby cheeks for ever and ever.

Little man was intrigued with the electrical wires above our heads. So cute!

Momma's got dimples and baby's got smiles.

This is Micah's inquisitive face, his favorite face to make. I keep telling him that his face will get stuck like that, but he doesn't seem to care much. Ha!

Baby smiles, baby teeth, baby suspenders. Enough said.

I love this surprised face. Daddy looks pretty cute here, too.

Micah's One Year Pictures

Oh, this stuff is yummy!

I lovingly refer to this pose as "Grandpa's stance" because Khanh's dad always sits like this. When I tell Micah to sit down, he thinks this qualifies and won't actually sit on his bottom. I find it hilarious! 

That bow tie though!

He conquered the cake!

If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands!

I can't say enough "thank you's" to Kathryn. If you live in the Metro-Detroit area, I would highly recommend Kathryn Bessette Photography as a family and kid-friendly photographer.

Micah is ONE!

Today, at 1:01 pm, our baby boy turns ONE! This past year has been a whirlwind but I'm so grateful that God chose me and my husband to be Micah's parents. 

He is such an inquisitive, and mostly serious, baby, but when he smiles, his entire face lights up and you can't help but smile back at him.

Being a mom this past year has, hands down, been the hardest, yet most rewarding thing I have ever experienced. I know the challenges will undoubtedly keep coming through the years, but each challenge brings an opportunity to mold and transform our son.

A few of his favorite things are bananas, using sign language to ask for more food, bananas, running around the house with Daddy, bananas, playing in water, and more bananas. This boy's love for bananas runs deep! If he sees a banana and you don't give it to him, there will be a full meltdown coming your way.

It truly amazes me how much baby's can understand at such a young age. He thinks it's so funny when the Hubby and I hug or kiss in front of him. Most times, he runs over to us for a big group hug. It's pretty much the cutest thing ever!

Micah loves watching Cooper play fetch and walk next to the stroller. We are working with him to be more gentle to the dog, but Cooper just lays there and lets Micah hit him, pull an ear, or steal a toy. I'm excited to watch their relationship grow as Micah gets older and is able to actually play with Cooper.

Here's a dump of some of my favorite pictures from the past year.

Our little 6 pound 10 ounce baby is now a 19 pound toddler who loves exploring, giving kisses, and bananas.

I'll love you forever, little man!

What's Up Wednesday {August 2016}

How is it the last Wednesday of August already?  This summer has definitely been packed full of family and friends and memories I will cherish forever. My little family has some fun things planned for the next month, so let's dive right in and give you a sneak peek into what lies ahead. Thanks to Mel, Shay and Sheaffer for hosting this fun link up!

Every month, we answer these same questions...

Along with the questions above, the hosts provide a bonus question each month. This month's bonus question is, What is your favorite summer to fall transitional piece in your closet?

1. What we're eating this week...
Left over Teriyaki Pork Tenderloin from Sunday's dinner, salads for lunches, egg salad sandwiches, and anything with rotisserie chicken. Exciting stuff!

2. What I'm reminiscing about...
This sweet, sweet baby of mine. On September 13th, you may find me in the corner bawling my mama eyes out as our baby turns 1. As exhausting as the newborn days were, I miss those endless snuggles. And the fact that babies can't move, because we now find ourselves with a man on a mission every waking second. Though I'll forever miss being able to hold Micah in my forearm, I'm so looking forward to shaping him into a man of God for many years to come.

3. What I'm loving...
I've been planning Micah's 1st birthday party since July and am loving getting my creative juices flowing. I'm DIY'ing a lot of the decorations and can't wait to see everything come together in a few weeks. I plan on posting step by step instructions for some of the decorations, so be sure to check back in the coming weeks.

4. What we've been up to...
Camping with family, bike riding and long walks with new friends. We are gearing up for a lot of travel in September, so the slow pace of August was welcomed with open arms.

You better watch out because there's a new driver in our household!

The helmet looks enormous on his little noggin. He actually has a really big head, which makes my previous statement hilarious.

Headed out for a quick swim in the pool with my cousins.

5. What I'm dreading...
We will be flying to Minnesota on Friday to visit friends and I'm so anxious about flying with a (almost) 1 year old. I have things that will hopefully entertain him for the 2 hour flight, but I'm just so nervous that his ears will pop and then we will have a screaming baby the entire time. I'm giving it up to the Lord, and I know everything will be okay. Leave me any tips and tricks for flying with toddlers in the comments!

6. What I'm working on...
So, I have a confession for you all. I caved an bought an Adult Coloring Book. And, you know what? I find myself coloring, while listening to a TV show, almost every night before bed and it's so relaxing.

7. What I'm excited about...
Visiting our friends in Minnesota! Here's the lowdown on how we met Khang and Johanna. Both husbands worked on the same client in Ohio and quickly bonded because they were both born and raised in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The following year, all 4 of us happened to be visiting Vietnam at the same time so we all met up so the girls could speak English. HA! Our son was born in September and their son was born in November, so Johanna and I have bonded over that. This will be the second time seeing one another in person and I'm excited to get to know them and finally meet their son!

8. What I'm watching...
Aside from the obvious Bachelor in Paradise, Real Housewives of (Anywhere), and Big Brother, I just started watching The Good Wife on Hulu last week after reading Shay's review and am hooked! Each episode leaves me wanting more and more.

9. What I'm listening to...
A Worship music CD from the Praise & Worship team at church. Playing music motivates me to get things done around the, I should really play more music. Maybe my house would stay clean.
10. What I'm wearing...
A dress from Old Navy I snagged for $2 and a jean jacket!

11. What I'm doing this weekend...
Minnesota! Woot woot!

12. What I'm looking forward to next month...
Celebrating Micah turning ONE with friends and family!

13. What else is new...

I just got these booties for fall at DSW for 60% off!

14. What is your favorite summer to fall transitional piece in your closet...
I find myself wearing a jean jacket more often this time of year. It's 60 degrees when I leave for work in the morning but 80+ degrees after work, so the jacket provides just enough warmth and is fashionable. Win, win!

That's a sneak peek at what our past month has been filled with and what some of our plans are for September.

What was one thing you did in August to close out summer?

Micah's 11 Month Check In

11 months. Let that sink in. It's true when they say the days are long, but the years are short. You are such an independent and curious little boy and I love watching you explore the world around you. Just last night, you sat in your highchair eating dinner and noticed the wind picking up outside. A few minutes passed as Daddy and I watched you stare out the window taking it all in. These simple moments are my favorite memories of us.

Meal time has been nothing short of an adventure this past month. You prefer solid foods now and refuse to eat any purees. Your favorite foods are banana, cheddar bunnies, hummus, and broccoli. Dropping your sippy cup on the floor is a fun dinner time game you've recently taken up. Cooper now lays right under your chair while you eat so he can snag any pieces that drop on the floor. This was the first time you had tomatoes and you loved them!

We went on our first camping trip as a family of 4 (yes, Cooper counts!) and you loved being outside all day, swimming in the pool, and...

eating dirt!

Mommy and Daddy got bikes this summer and finally got a bike trailer for you. We've gone on a few family bike rides and it's becoming one of your favorite activities - minus the helmet!

Here you are waiting to go on your first boat ride. Why do babies look so ridiculously cute in life jackets?

"Where to, Mom?"

The next three pictures depict the struggle of getting a decent picture during your monthly pictures. Life is never dull around the house with a baby on the move.

This picture really pulls at my heart strings.

Cooper's turn to try the sticker.

I'll love you forever, little man.

Micah's 10 Month Check In

I figured it's time to post an update on our little guy. I've slacked off since the last update and we haven't even taken his picture with the monthly stickers. Life is so much more exciting and less exhausting lately. Micah loves, loves, loves his Daddy and will laugh at almost anything he does. It makes my heart full, in ways I didn't even know existed, watching my Hubby interact and love on our son. I can't even believe that in a month and a half we will wake up one day and have a toddler living in our house. I've been embracing the phrase, "The days are long, but the years are short" more than ever these days. I always want to remember how much a little 6 pound 10 ounce baby we brought home from the hospital has forever changed our lives.

This boy loved standing in the bucket foll of water from the Cut. The water was not even 70 degrees, so we didn't want to let him sit in his floatie in the Cut, but this was just as good.

"How big is Micah?" "SO big!" He loves when we do this and will almost always stop whatever he's doing to raise his hands in the air. Do you think he knows he's cute?

Last month, we attended my college roommate's wedding, so our little guy got all dressed up. Nothing too fancy since it was an outdoor wedding, but his little outfit was adorable. He did so well the entire day and even fell asleep in his car seat at the reception, which was amazing!

Another "first" included eating broccoli with chopsticks. He knew exactly what to do and didn't try to chew on the chopsticks.

This boy loves to eat! He will eat anything we give him and then share a little with Cooper. His favorite foods so far are sweet cherries, broccoli, asparagus, and banana. I've also started using spices in his purée and he loves cinnamon and nutmeg. In the picture below he was eating sweet cherries. It's one of my favorite pictures. (Notice the cherry in his hair.)

I absolutely love being this little boys mom and can't wait to watch him explore the world in the coming years.

I'll love you forever, little man.