Simply Thankful

Today I am doing my very first guest post on Michelle's blog, Thankful for Thursdays. Michelle recently started her blog and was looking for guest posts for her Holiday Series. I promised her before Thanksgiving that I'd submit a post, but with the chaos of celebrating holidays and being a mama, writing was put on the back burner. Since I really wanted to come through for Michelle, I stayed up way past my bedtime and started writing. Here's a little teaser of my guest post:

If you were to ask me what I'm most thankful for in 2015, I wouldn't miss a beat before answering. Each and every day when I look into my sons eyes, I am thankful that God gave me the privilege of becoming a mother, his mother, this year. 

You can go here to see everything that I'm thankful for this year.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from our house to yours!

Photo credit: Reflectivity Design

I'm so thankful to be a family of three this Christmas! May you always remember the real reason we celebrate this very special day. It's not for the toys, food, or even Santa and his reindeer. We celebrate because baby Jesus was born in the manger and later died so we may spend eternity with Him. What an incredible gift we were so selflessly given!

Merry Christmas!

xoxo, Katie

Micah's 3 month check in

You weren't a fan of having your picture taken this month, so this is what we got. I promise, you do smile!

This picture cracks me up! Daddy and I were acting like fools to get you to smile but you were over having your picture taken and weren't afraid to let us know.

This month was extra special because you got to meet your grandma that lives all the way in Vietnam! She just loves you to pieces and doesn't want to put you down.

I can't believe it's already been 3 months! I was telling Daddy that it seems like you've been in our lives forever. I don't remember what we did with our time before you were born! I'll love you forever, my little man.


Your 2 month check in is a little late - almost a month - but, better late than never! It seems like there is a new first every day in our house. The Hubby and I are like two giddy kids on Christmas morning each time you hit a new milestone. At the pediatrician this morning you weighed 10 pounds 15.5 ounces and were 22.5 inches long. Here's some more fun facts about your second month of life.

For Halloween you were Baby Frankenstein. Daddy called you Frankenstank haha!


You are such a serious little man and it's so hard to get you to smile, but when you do my mommy heart explodes.

Wearing your first Christmas jammies!

Micah's 1 Month Check In

It's hard to believe you have only been in our lives for 1 month! Daddy and I have never been so tired for so many consecutive days, but the love we have for you far outweighs all of the sleepless nights. I never want to forget the little moments spent with you - like when I hold you to my chest and your little body goes limp. At your one month doctor visit, you weighed 8 pounds 9.5 ounces and were 20.5 inches long. God gave us the biggest responsibility of our lives when he blessed us with you and we promise to always point you back to Him.

Cooper is 7 months old and has adjusted well to not being the center of attention anymore. He is very protective over his little brother. When he hears you cry, he goes to the room you are in and will wait for Mom or Dad to come get you. On our evening walks, Cooper walks right next to the stroller instead of his usual running ahead of us to smell the next mailbox. You and Cooper will be best friends before we know it.

Welcome Micah!

The Hubby and I welcomed our son, Micah William Dang, into the world on September 13th at 1:01 p.m.!

I will never forget the moment he was placed on my chest and I looked at him for the very first time. As soon as Khanh and I started talking to Micah, he immediately calmed down. It was absolutely amazing that he actually recognized our voices.

My water broke at 6:20 a.m. and contractions started 20 minutes later, coming every minute to minute and a half. I decided to labor at home as long as possible and we finally checked into the hospital around 9:30 a.m. I was only 4 cm dilated at that time, so I decided to get an epidural since I wasn't getting a break from contractions and had no idea how long I'd be in labor. I was afraid I wouldn't have enough energy to push after having almost constant contractions if I was in labor for much longer.

My midwife checked my cervix again right around 11:30 a.m., and I was dilated to 8 cm. She said that dilating from 8 cm - 10 cm usually goes pretty quickly. Boy, was she right! I asked her to check me around 12 noon, and I was dilated to 9.5 cm. She opened my cervix all the way and it was go time! I pushed for a total of 46 minutes before Micah was born. The first thing I said when he was born was, "He's real!" Man, am I glad this little boy made me a mom!

He came fast, but he stole our hearts even faster. We have big hopes and dreams for our little Micah. May he know that the Lord is always on his side, no matter what. May he know how loved he is. May he know that life is an adventure. May he grow up to be a strong, independent man.

And, I leave you with a picture I snapped on my iPhone during Micah's newborn photo shoot. More pics from the photographer to follow!

Happy 26th Birthday, Babe!

25 will be a year to remember, that's for sure.

25 was our first full year of marriage.

25 was the year we took a roadtrip.

25 was the year you found out you will soon be a dad.

25 was the year we bought our first house.

25 was the year we visited Viet Nam during Tet.

25 was the year we brought Cooper home.

25 was the year we laughed and cried together.

25 was the year you got a promotion at work.

25 was a great year, but I know 26 will prove to be even better.

You are selfless, kind, generous, sarcastic, and confident. There are a lot more adjectives I could use to describe your personality, but the list would be way too long! In a matter of days, you will be a dad and I can't wait to see how our little guy will soften your heart. You're one hot guy and I'm lucky to call you my husband. I can't wait to make memories with you this year that will last us a lifetime.  Today, and always, you deserve ridiculous amounts of Pho.

Happy 26th birthday, babe! I'll love you forever!

What's Up Wednesday: Babies on My Mind

Today is another What's Up Wednesday hosted by MelShay, and Sheaffer.
To see my very first WUW post, click here.

Here are the questions:

Along with the questions above, the hosts provide a bonus question each month. This month's bonus question is, What's your favorite back to school tradition?

Feel free to play along in the comments section. Now, let's get started...

1. What we're eating this week...
I have had zero energy to make meals after a full day in the office, so it's been fend for yourself around the Dang household lately. There was one night I was feeling up to preparing a meal so I whipped up an old favorite - Mini Meatloaf.

2. What I'm reminiscing about...
A LOT! I'm so emotional these days. Ha! Our one year wedding anniversary was in July, my one year work anniversary was a couple weeks ago, and our little guy is due in 3.5 weeks. The Hubby and I are trying to soak up the last few days as a family of 2.

3. What I'm loving...
The nursery is finally starting to come together. The Hubby finished painting, clothes are hanging in the closet, and the crib and rocking chair have been assembled. Khanh complains every time I ask him to put something together or make a decision on what decorations he likes better, but he ends up doing it all with a smile on his face. This momma couldn't appreciate all the hard work he's doing to prepare for our little guy's arrival - even though he won't be using the nursery for a couple months. << The Hubby pointed that one out.

4. What we've been up to...
We had two weddings in one weekend at the beginning of August. It was definitely a fun-filled, exhausting weekend, but I actually appreciated they were on the same weekend since both weddings were on the other side of the state. That meant one less time we had to make the almost 6-hour round trip. The first wedding was on Friday afternoon, but the bridal party (Khanh was one of the groomsmen) had to be there Thursday afternoon for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. After witnessing my host-brother-in-law marry his long time girlfriend, the real party started - hor d'oeuvres, dinner, and cake. I may or may not have had one too many pieces of cake!
The Hubby, baby, and me. I wasn't carrying my phone with me, so this is the only picture of us at the first wedding.

The second wedding was at 11:00am on Saturday. After getting a few hours of sleep on Friday night, we had to wake up with the sun and drive another hour and a half to Lake Michigan for my brother's intimate beach ceremony. 
This is me with my oldest brother, Karl. I still can't believe that he's a married man!

Me, the Hubby, and my youngest brother, Boyd. Boyd is 14 and will be a high school freshman this year. Too bad you can't see through computer screens because you'd see my crying in the fetal position right now. I just love this kid!

Bonus picture: my brother waiting on his lovely bride.

We love both of these couples so much and were honored to be able to witness this special day in their lives. Other than the weddings, we have been taking childbirth education classes, touring the labor and delivery floor, and keeping up with chores around the house.

5. What I'm dreading...
I'm not really dreading anything these days, other than thinking about the pain that lie ahead. But, I know the prize at the end will be so worth it!

6. What I'm working on...
Preparing for labor, bringing another person into the world, and figuring out how to be the best mom I can be are at the top of my seemingly never ending to-do list.

7. What I'm excited about...
My mom and stepdad are visiting this weekend to help finish the nursery and spend time with us before we are completely incoherent for a few months!

8. What I'm watching...
As I type this post, I am watching Big Brother 17. Guilty pleasure. #JohnnyMac!

9. What I'm listening to...
SiriusXM is always on in my Jeep. If you see me jamming out at a stoplight, just know that I'm having fun and don't care that you are blatantly judging me.

10. What I'm wearing...
Same ol' mix of maternity clothes. I counted the tops that currently fit me and came to a whopping 7. That's enough tops to rotate my wardrobe on a weekly basis. Side note for my coworkers: I only wear my shirts once before washing them. Ha!

11. What I'm doing this weekend...
Our weekend will be jam-packed with family time. Like I said above, my mom and stepdad will be visiting to help around the house. The four of us plan on visiting my grandparents for dinner on Saturday. Did I mention that they live on an island? Well, they do and I love it there!

12. What I'm looking forward to next month...
Next month is our little guy's due date!!!
13. What else is new...
As you have probably guessed by now, my mind is all baby everything right now. I'm not complaining though!

14. What's your favorite back to school tradition?
I don't remember having any back to school traditions other than shopping for school clothes and supplies with my mom. My mom is such a hard worker and I am forever grateful for everything she has done for me and my brother. Love, love, love her!

30 Week Bumpdate

If you're new to my corner of the web, you can use these links to easily get back to previous bumpdates:
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Week 29 Bumpdate
Please forgive the graininess of this picture. I took it with my iPhone and the editing software I used made it grainy. Also, ignore the fact that I quickly snapped it in the bathroom at work.
Size of the baby: Cucumber – 15.7 inches long and weighs 2.75 pounds. (These are averages I find online, so our guy could be either smaller of bigger than this.)
Biggest baby development: Baby is strong enough to grasp a finger!
Total weight gain: 20 pounds
Gender: Boy!!
Maternity clothes: I did purchase 2 new dresses this week. One dress for a couple weddings we have coming up and the other dress for work.
Movement: Constant movement. At my appointment this week, he kept rolling from one side of my tummy to the other. I also felt a little foot with my hand, which was so cool! We had an ultrasound this week just to make sure he was measuring correctly and it was such an awesome experience to see and feel him kick at the same time!
Sleep: I was up with Cooper all night on Monday because he was panting really hard and I was afraid he got something stuck in his esophagus. Cooper finally calmed down around 2:30, but I was wide awake after that. Other than that, sleep has been alright. Not too great, but not horrible.
Nursery: We finally picked out a paint color! I can't wait to see his room come together - slowly, but surely!
Cravings: Still cereal. Surprise, surprise! I was craving cereal at 10:00 one night so I made Khanh go with me to Meijer to buy some. He actually didn't complain about going to the grocery store just for a box of cereal.
Symptoms: Still some swelling of the feet and the occasional heartburn.
Khanh is: Excited for his buddy to get here!
Looking forward to: Buying a stroller and carseat. I've done a ton of research on safety and have finally decided on one!
Best moments: Being able to see our little guy on the ultrasound and feeling him kick at the same time. It was such a surreal experience!
Ultrasound: We had another ultrasound this week because my uterus was measuring small at my last appointment so my midwife wanted to make sure everything is okay. They took measurements of his head, torso, and femur to get an approximate weight, which they used to place him in a percentile for growth. Our little guy was about 3.4 pounds and is in the 41st percentile. Everything else looked fine as well - placenta and amniotic fluid looked good.
Note: I post these updates at the end of the week, so I am currently in my 31st week.

29 Week Bumpdate

If you're new to my corner of the web, you can use these links to easily get back to previous bumpdates:
Week 23 Bumpdate
Week 24 Bumpdate
Week 25 Bumpdate
Week 26 Bumpdate
Week 27 Bumpdate
Week 28 Bumpdate

Size of the baby: Acorn Squash – 15.25 inches long and weighs 2.5 pounds.
Biggest baby development: Baby can hiccup now!
Total weight gain: I didn't weigh myself
Gender: Boy!!
Maternity clothes: I'm still cycling through my very limited clothing options.
Movement: Yes! I was in a meeting with my manager and little man started kicking my ribs so I put pressure on my belly to hold him manager asked if I needed to go somewhere. Ha! No, just trying to survive without getting broken ribs :)
Sleep: I slept pretty well this week other than random fire alarms going off in our hotel in the wee-morning hours. Maybe better sleep was because of the King-sized bed we had in Cancun.
Nursery: Still full of gifts from two baby showers. My goal for next week is to choose a paint color. I said, choose, not actually paint. Don't worry.
Cravings: Give me allll the cereal! We went to the buffet restaurant in Cancun at 11:00pm one night and asked for cereal, but they told me to order room service. Um, I don't need a $10+ bowl of cereal, but thanks.
Symptoms: Swelling of the feet, heartburn, light headedness. When I asked my doctor about the light headedness, she told me to eat more often. Though I was already eating something almost every hour, so she said to pack in the protein.
Khanh is: Finally home for good (almost) and we can start attacking our lengthy to-do list!
Looking forward to: 1) Visiting my grandparents (who happen to live on an island!) this weekend. Their house is a short drive from ours so we will pack up the Jeep, Cooper, and some food and head to the water! 2) After my midwife measured my uterus last week, she wants to do another ultrasound to make sure our little guy is measuring correctly. My uterus was on the small end of normal, so she isn't that concerned but wants to make sure my due date is correct. I can't wait to see our guy now that I'm 30 weeks along! 3) I also can't wait to meet the newest member of the family, Paisley Ann Marie. Congratulations to the new (exhausted) parents!!
Best moments: Spending a few days in Cancun with the Hubby doing absolutely nothing. It was exactly what both of us needed and I'm glad we got to get away from life for a couple days. I also picked Cooper up from my mom this week and was so glad to have someone else - even though he's a dog - in the house with me. I was getting lonely!
Note: I post these updates at the end of the week, so I am currently in my 30th week. Eeekk!

28 Week Bumpdate

If you're new to my corner of the web, you can use these links to easily get back to previous bumpdates:
Week 23 Bumpdate
Week 24 Bumpdate
Week 25 Bumpdate
Week 26 Bumpdate
Week 27 Bumpdate
Size of the baby: Cucumber – 14.8 inches long and weighs 2.25 pounds.
Biggest baby development: Baby may be dreaming now as he is experiencing REM sleep.
Total weight gain: 19 pounds. Yikes!
Gender: Boy!!
Maternity clothes: I bought a maternity bathing suit top at Target. I can't wait to wear it!
Movement: Yes! I'm starting to feel him rolling around rather than kicks here and there. You can actually follow him with your hand as he moves. He like to hangout on either side of my belly, which makes me look lop-sided.
Sleep: Laying on my side is still pretty painful on my back and hips. I can't wait to sleep on my back again.
Nursery: His nursery is full of gifts from both of our baby showers. Now, I need to find time to organize everything!
Cravings: Strawberries. Ice cream, Nectarines. Bread.
Symptoms: The heartburn finally subsided this week. Hooray! My feet continue to swell rather quickly, so I make sure to get up from my desk and walk around.
Khanh is: Kissing my belly every morning and night.
Looking forward to: CANCUN!! In fact, we are enjoying our last vacation as a family of 2 as you are reading this bumpdate. I am probably laying on the beach with a book in my hand.
Best moments: Celebrating our little guy with my family last weekend. He's already so loved...and spoiled!
Note: I post these updates at the end of the week, so I am currently in my 29th week.

27 Week Bumpdate

If you're new to my corner of the web, you can use these links to easily get back to previous bumpdates:
Week 23 Bumpdate
Week 24 Bumpdate
Week 25 Bumpdate
Week 26 Bumpdate
Size of the baby: Eggplant – 14.5 inches long and weighs 2 pounds.
Biggest baby development: Baby can recognize and differentiate Mom and Dad's voices now!
Total weight gain: Didn't weigh myself.
Gender: Boy!!
Maternity clothes: Same old jeans, tops, and dresses. My wardrobe is really exciting lately.
Movement: He's kicking more each day but his favorite times to kick are early in the morning when I'm still laying on my side and early evening.
Sleep: Laying on my side is pretty painful on my back and hips. I can't wait to sleep on my back again.
Nursery: I decided to move his nursery from one room to the other - there's more space and a better layout. We had the crib setup in the old room and had to take it almost completely apart to move it down the hallway.
Cravings: Sandwiches and cheese crackers.
Symptoms: My left foot and ankle are starting to swell. This is the foot I had my bunion removed on and it has never been right since the surgery when I was in high school. Also still having heartburn.
Khanh is: Poking and talking to baby on a daily basis. I'm sure he already loves Daddy!
Looking forward to: Another baby shower this weekend, seeing my family, and vacation next week!
Best moments: Getting to spend time with my grandparents after work one night. Thanks, Grandma and Grandpa for dinner :) I also got to spend some time with my other grandma who flew in from Maryland for my baby shower last weekend. I hadn't seen her since our wedding last summer.
Note: I post these updates at the end of the week, so I am currently in my 28th week.

What's Up Wednesday: Roommates and Vacation

I've been following Shay over at Mix and Match Family for a while now and I love how open and real she is about her faith and her family. She lives in Texas now, but we used to be neighbors up here in the good ol' Mitten State. Sort of. Just ignore the fact that I was probably in high school and her husband was a Detroit Lion. This Mama definitely inspires me to be the best mama to our little guy. Shay has taught me that there will be rough parenting days, but to turn my focus to God and find the good in every situation.  On the last Wednesday of each month, Shay co-hosts a link party along with Mel and Sheaffer.
Here are the questions:

Along with the questions above, the hosts provide a bonus question each month. This month's bonus question is, What are you doing for the 4th of July?
Feel free to play along in the comments section. Now, let's get started...
1. What we're eating this week...
I bought a honey glazed bone-in half ham for 50% off last week, so I cooked that baby on Monday night. We had friends over for dinner and then I cut up the leftovers and tossed them in the freezer. This was a super inexpensive way to get meat for multiple meals for our little family and not have to labor over the oven each time. So, I am being creative this week and finding ways to use the leftover ham.
2. What I'm reminiscing about...
I've been thinking about my college girlfriends a lot lately. I miss staying up late into the night chatting away. I miss waking up to their bad hair days. I miss making dinner together. I miss going out on the town together. I miss decorating our little apartment for Christmas. I just miss knowing they will be home when I walk through the door.

3. What I'm loving...
Our house is finally starting to feel like a home.  The living room is almost done. It's my favorite room in the house right now.

4. What we've been up to...
We have been doing a lot lately. The past few weekends we have been driving to the other side of the state for bridal showers, hospital visits, and other things. When we are home, we are busy doing house and yard work. It's been raining non-stop and we are just sick and tired of cutting the grass - which could be done every 3 days. But, being busy every weekend is a reminder that we are blessed to have a roof over our heads and a family that loves us.

5. What I'm dreading...
I have 50ish work days left before maternity leave. These will quite possibly be the longest days of my life. Ever.

6. What I'm working on...
I'm currently working on finishing designing my blog. I never got it looking exactly how I wanted so it's time I start working on it again. I do all the HTML and CSS coding myself so it takes quite a while, but the end results re so worth my time.

7. What I'm excited about...
Going to Cancun next week and spending a few days alone with the hubby. Hopefully this will be my view for 4 straight days. Take that back. Hopefully my view includes a hot Vietnamese guy, too!

8. What I'm watching...
The only show I'm currently following is The Bachelorette. Though this season is definitely losing my attention rather quickly. I don't like watching one girl hook up with each guy she's dating. Show a little self-respect, Kaitlyn. When you're done reading my What's up Wednesday post, head over to Sheaffer's blog (a co-host) to check out her Bachelorette recap. She is seriously hilarious!

9. What I'm listening to...
America's got Talent is on in the background. I just like to have the T.V. on for some background noise, I don't really watch the show.

10. What I'm wearing...
Currently sitting on the couch in pre-maternity running shorts and an old college t-shirt. Both of which are getting tighter by the day. And oh-so unflattering. But who am I trying to impress?

11. What I'm doing this weekend...
Saturday will finally be a day at home with no plans on the agenda. Then on Sunday, we are driving to my hometown for another baby shower. I can't wait to see my family and celebrate our little guy with everyone. The Hubster gets to hangout with my grandpa during the baby shower so my grandma can attend without any worries. Though my grandpa has already said that he'll get to do what he wants since Khanh sleeps all the time. Hmmm. We shall see.

12. What I'm looking forward to next month...
Our first anniversary is the end of July and I absolutely cannot wait. We will be going to my family reunion the day before our anniversary, so we don't have big plans. I wouldn't mind going to a nice dinner and talking for hours about our first year of marriage and our hopes and dreams for the next 70 years together. I just love and appreciate my husband so very much.

13. What else is new...
I got these sunglasses from Target to take to Cancun next week. I know, my life is so exciting.

14. What I'm doing for the 4th of July...
The Hubby and I will be relaxing on the beach in Mexico. Book in hand. Sunscreen lathered on. Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri in hand.

26 Week Bumpdate

If you're new to my corner of the web, you can use these links to easily get back to previous bumpdates:
Week 23 Bumpdate
Week 24 Bumpdate
Week 25 Bumpdate
Size of the baby: Head of Lettuce – 14 inches long and weighs 1.75 pounds.
Biggest baby development: Eyes are forming and will soon start to open.
Total weight gain: Didn't weigh myself.
Gender: Boy!!
Maternity clothes: I purchased a few summery shirts and dresses from Target's Maternity line.
Movement: Kicking up a storm. It feels like he's doing backflips all day long. He seems to be most active early in the morning when I'm still laying in bed on my side.
Sleep: I have finally been getting decent sleep lately. Those baggy eyes aren't a good look!
Nursery: We finally set up his crib!
Cravings: Anything with cheese.
Symptoms: Acid reflux keeps popping up on a regular basis. Thankfully, Tums works wonders!
Khanh is: excited for his little man to get here. He constantly makes noises and talks to the baby through my belly.
Looking forward to: Seeing family and having my first shower this weekend!
Best moments: Setting up the crib and starting to think about the nursery a little more.
Note: I post these updates at the end of the week, so I am currently in my 27th week.

25 Week Bumpdate

If you're new to my corner of the web, you can use these links to easily get back to previous bumpdates:
Week 23 Bumpdate
Week 24 Bumpdate
 As you can see, we finally hung pictures in the house. These hanging shelves and frames make my heart happy. They hold most of our favorite people all in one place.
Size of the baby: Cauliflower – 13.5 inches long and weighs 1.5 pounds.
Biggest baby development: Nostrils start opening.
Total weight gain: Didn't weigh myself.
Gender: Boy!!
Maternity clothes: Haven't bought anything lately. I do need to go bra shopping and find a maternity bathing suit.
Movement: Little man hasn't been as active this week. I think he's laying really far back, because the kicks don't seem to be as prominent. My mom was able to feel him kick over the weekend....and I'm sure that's all she's talking about this week :)
Sleep: I have been using the Snoogle Pregnancy Pillow which has been a complete lifesaver, but for some reason I've been more comfortable using a regular pillow to support my belly this week.
Nursery: Haven't thought about it. Just the thought of everything we still need for a baby is overwhelming and the nursery door has stayed closed for a few days.
Cravings: Nectarines and chocolate pudding. The green olives have also made a return this week. And I can't stand eggs...even the look of them makes me want to gag.
Symptoms: The leg cramps have started, but PowerAde ZERO has helped a little. My left foot is starting to swell, but I think it's a combination of having foot surgery a few years ago and the pregnancy.
Khanh is: Chubby. *Disclaimer: This is a direct quote from the Hubby himself.* He did send another e-mail shortly after and said he is super excited. I like the first answer better. Haha!
Looking forward to: Two baby showers this month! My Grammie is flying in from Maryland for the first shower and I can't wait to see her.
Best moments: I got to talk to one of my best friends from high school that now lives in Mississippi (Hi Audry!). Even though we can't see each other on a regular basis, it's like distance disappears when we are able to catch up. We also got to see my grandparents on their 62nd Anniversary. Look how adorable they are!

Note: I post these updates at the end of the week, so I am currently in my 26th week.

Two Positive Tests and One Excited Hubby

I woke up one January morning and thought, "hmmm, I haven't had my monthly visit yet." I went on with my day but made sure to stop by CVS Pharmacy after work to pick up a pregnancy test. I read the instruction pamphlet and waited to take the test until the next morning. After peeing on the infamous stick, I set it on the edge of the bath tub and went about my morning getting ready for work. I returned to the bathroom a few minutes later, picked up the stick, and read....Pregnant! I couldn't believe my eyes and I very slowly said, "what the f***." (Sorry, Grandma!) If you know me at all, you know I hardly ever swear and that it's a big deal when I do, so to say I was in shock would be an extreme understatement. I wanted to be sure the test was correct, so I took the remaining test after work. Yup, this one read Pregnant, too. After taking two tests that both read pregnant and after the initial shock subsided, I knew I had to tell Khanh, but he was in Ohio for work and I didn't want to tell him over the phone.
Our 5 year dating anniversary was that weekend, so I decided to do something extra special for him. I went to Target and bought a pack of gender neutral onesies and pants and an elephant rattle. I tied them all together with the pregnancy test on top and put them in a gift bag we had on hand. Khanh's reaction will forever be imprinted in my mind. His voice went up an octave or two and he had the cutest little grin on his face. I can't wait to watch him be a daddy to our little man.
Question of the day: What are some creative ways you told your partner you were pregnant?

24 Week Bumpdate

I hope you enjoy reading these updates as much as I enjoy writing them. I know someday I'll look back and be glad that I can read about what life was like before baby was here. If you're new to my corner of the web, you can find Week 23 Bumpdate here. Now, onto Week 24!
Size of the baby: Ear of Corn – 12.5 inches long and weighs 1.25 pounds.
Biggest baby development: Startle reflexes began developing.
Total weight gain: 14 pounds...and a lot more to gain!
Gender: Boy!!
Maternity clothes: I did find a maxi dress at Target for $13. It isn't maternity, but will hopefully work for me all summer.
Movement: Story time! Baby was kicking the other night so I had Khanh come look at my belly. He decided to place his face right next to my belly. You know, just to make sure he didn't miss the kicks or something. After a few minutes, a leg kicked out from the side of my belly. In the very same blink, Khanh took a step back, eyes widened, and said, "Was that you!" Haha! I don't think I could do that with my belly if I wanted to. Glad he's got a sense of humor, though. Or, am I glad that he finally knows what I have been going through? We will never know the true answer.
Sleep: I haven't been able to get into a deep sleep. Almost every night, I wake up close to an hour before my alarm goes off.
Nursery: We did buy a night stand from Home Goods to use for night time diaper change and feeding necessities. My dad brought an old wooden rocking chair to our house. This thing has been passed down for generations - such a special thing to have for our little guy.
Cravings: Grapes. I ate almost an entire bag by myself this week!
Symptoms: The leg cramps have started. I'll leave it at that.
Khanh is: Constantly telling me how big my belly is. Even though we've had "the talk", he won't stop. At least he doesn't say it with a bad tone. He really does love the way I look now.
Looking forward to: Putting the crib together, picking out paint colors, and my first baby shower!
Best moments: Having our families over for the house warming/gender reveal party. I'm glad they all made the long trek across the state to celebrate with us.

Note: I post these updates at the end of the week, so I am currently in my 25th week.

It's A...

The Hubby and I held a Housewarming/Gender Reveal party last weekend. You can watch the gender reveal video below. Baby Dang is a...



We are so excited to welcome our precious baby boy into this world and pray that the rest of my pregnancy goes smoothly and our little one is healthy. Now, the question is, "Who will he look like?"

23 Week Bumpdate

Size of the baby: Papaya – 11.5 inches long and weighs 1.1 pounds....finally over 1 pound!
Biggest baby development: Lungs begin developing
Total weight gain: I didn't weigh myself this week. Until the last few weeks, I felt that my arms, boobs, and thighs were the only places gaining weight and you couldn't tell I was even pregnant.
Gender: ???
Maternity clothes: The good old hair tie around the button trick wasn't cutting it anymore, so I broke down and bought actual maternity jeans. I only have one pair of jeans, which is okay because I will probably have to buy shorts soon. I have a couple maternity tops, but for the most part have bought long, flowy tops from TJ Maxx – perfect for post-pregnancy too!
Movement: Baby has been kicking more each day – usually first thing in the morning and right before bed. It's such an awesome, but strange feeling and sometimes catches me off guard. I have been able to see the baby kick for a couple weeks now, but every time Khanh looked, the baby would stop kicking. Though he hasn't seen any kicks, he was able to feel the baby move the other night!
Sleep: I haven’t been sleeping very well – mainly due to not being comfortable.
Nursery: My Grammie and aunts bought us a crib and is now sitting in the box in the nursery. I've also bought a couple canvases for the walls.
Cravings: Can't get enough green olives and salt & vinegar chips.
Symptoms: I woke up one morning last week with sharp pain in my lower abdomen. I didn't think much of it, but around 10:00am, I finally called my OB/GYN because the pain just wasn't going away. They sent me straight to the hospital to get checked out. After doing a bunch of tests, they think I just strained a muscle and baby is fine. I was so scared when the nurse told me I had to go straight to the hospital that I started crying and made my co-worker call Khanh to let him know because he was in Cincinnati this week.
Khanh is: Excited and loves to talk to the baby and rub my belly.
Looking forward to: Our gender reveal party at the end of the month! Girl or Boy??
Best moments: Seeing the baby and finding out the gender during our last scheduled ultrasound. We also visited my grandpa in the hospital and the first thing he did when I walked into his recovery room was rub my belly with a huge smile on his face. That was such a special moment for me because my grandpa is one of the most important men in my life and I'm so glad he gets to see me pregnant (after all, we all know I am his favorite grandchild!)