26 Week Bumpdate

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Size of the baby: Head of Lettuce – 14 inches long and weighs 1.75 pounds.
Biggest baby development: Eyes are forming and will soon start to open.
Total weight gain: Didn't weigh myself.
Gender: Boy!!
Maternity clothes: I purchased a few summery shirts and dresses from Target's Maternity line.
Movement: Kicking up a storm. It feels like he's doing backflips all day long. He seems to be most active early in the morning when I'm still laying in bed on my side.
Sleep: I have finally been getting decent sleep lately. Those baggy eyes aren't a good look!
Nursery: We finally set up his crib!
Cravings: Anything with cheese.
Symptoms: Acid reflux keeps popping up on a regular basis. Thankfully, Tums works wonders!
Khanh is: excited for his little man to get here. He constantly makes noises and talks to the baby through my belly.
Looking forward to: Seeing family and having my first shower this weekend!
Best moments: Setting up the crib and starting to think about the nursery a little more.
Note: I post these updates at the end of the week, so I am currently in my 27th week.


  1. AnonymousJune 19, 2015

    It was nice having you tow
    for diner the other night, I hope my cooking didn't upset him. :)

  2. AnonymousJune 19, 2015

    Two, I meant Two.....dah!