Micah's 10 Month Check In

I figured it's time to post an update on our little guy. I've slacked off since the last update and we haven't even taken his picture with the monthly stickers. Life is so much more exciting and less exhausting lately. Micah loves, loves, loves his Daddy and will laugh at almost anything he does. It makes my heart full, in ways I didn't even know existed, watching my Hubby interact and love on our son. I can't even believe that in a month and a half we will wake up one day and have a toddler living in our house. I've been embracing the phrase, "The days are long, but the years are short" more than ever these days. I always want to remember how much a little 6 pound 10 ounce baby we brought home from the hospital has forever changed our lives.

This boy loved standing in the bucket foll of water from the Cut. The water was not even 70 degrees, so we didn't want to let him sit in his floatie in the Cut, but this was just as good.

"How big is Micah?" "SO big!" He loves when we do this and will almost always stop whatever he's doing to raise his hands in the air. Do you think he knows he's cute?

Last month, we attended my college roommate's wedding, so our little guy got all dressed up. Nothing too fancy since it was an outdoor wedding, but his little outfit was adorable. He did so well the entire day and even fell asleep in his car seat at the reception, which was amazing!

Another "first" included eating broccoli with chopsticks. He knew exactly what to do and didn't try to chew on the chopsticks.

This boy loves to eat! He will eat anything we give him and then share a little with Cooper. His favorite foods so far are sweet cherries, broccoli, asparagus, and banana. I've also started using spices in his purée and he loves cinnamon and nutmeg. In the picture below he was eating sweet cherries. It's one of my favorite pictures. (Notice the cherry in his hair.)

I absolutely love being this little boys mom and can't wait to watch him explore the world in the coming years.

I'll love you forever, little man.

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