Dreaming of Vacation

I absolutely love to travel, explore a new town, and immerse myself into local culture. It's been almost a year since our last vacation and I've had the itch to pack up my family and get on a plane to anywhere, but preferably somewhere warm. Since I'm stuck in a cubicle for 40 hours a week, I decided to put together a bucket list of places around the world I'd like to visit at least once. If you've been to any of these places, leave a comment telling me what your "must do or see" things are.
1. Grand Canyon

My ideal visit to the Grand Canyon would include visiting the Hoover Dam, hiking all around, and riding a donkey. I'm pretty sure I could spend hours at the top just looking out and admiring God's work all around me.

2. Italy

Anywhere in Italy is fine by me. Landing in one city and then taking trains or cheap flights to all the major cities and then stopping by the sea would be my ideal trip to Italy. I'd also want to swing by to see the Pope while in Rome and eat all the pasta and gelato my belly can humanly hold.

3. South Africa

An African Safari has always been on my bucket list along with visiting Cape Town, South Africa. Traveling to Cape Town would allow be to knock out two birds with one stone.

4. Australia

The Opera House in Sydney, Kangaroos, Deep Sea Diving, and the Outback would be on my list of things to do and see while in Australia.

5. China

Someday I will see the Great Wall of China and walk as far as I can along it.

This list is most definitely not all-inclusive as there are many more places around the world that I would like to visit and explore. I'm excited to take Micah on a plane for the first time and show him the world. Here's to learning about how others live, talk, and eat around the world!

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