Our First Home!

There's been a lot going on for the Dang family the past few months, which is why I disappeared. I'm back today to let you know that we bought a house!
The hubby and I recently closed on our very first house! The roller coaster of emotions we have been on the past couple months has definitely been a wild ride, but we wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. This will be the first home that either of us truly feel like we have our own space and can do whatever we want to it, which makes this house that much more special. We have started painting, but I haven't bought many decorations yet. If you need me next week, I'll be at TJ Maxx and HomeGoods.
This is the house we will eventually bring our babies home to. This is the house we will laugh, cry, fight, and love in. This is the house we will entertain our guests in. This is the house we will start traditions with our little family in.
Here's a peak inside the house we get to make our home - beginning this weekend! These pictures are from the listing, so imagine a very empty house right now.
 The front door leads you into the living room, with vaulted ceilings. My favorite part of the entire house.
The living room opens into the dining room and kitchen.

It's a cozy 3 bedroom and 2 bathroom house.
The basement is finished. This is where you will find the dry bar and laundry room.
This house will forever be a very special place to us. Stay tuned for updates and DIY projects!
*Disclaimer: There are no pictures of the outside of the house for safety reasons. Please do not ask to see the outside of the house. You'll have to come visit us to see this.*

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  1. Evan and I are big on projects too. :) Very neat! Soooo jealous of your finished basement right now. Ours is not even close!