Lately, I've Been...

I've never completed a survey for my blog, but I love reading other blogger's survey answers. Survey's are a quick and easy way to get to know more about the author. After reading Julie's blog yesterday with the "Lately, I've Been..." survey, I thought I'd play along and complete my first survey. Prepare yo'self! (Before ya wreck yo'self). Sorry, not sorry.

Lately, I've Been...

Making: our house a home. Painting is mostly done. Hooray! Yard work and organizing seem to be never-ending tasks. Oh, how organization makes me happy.

Cooking: Chicken Alfredo Pasta with Peas. Yummy! I'll post the recipe soon.

Reading: I haven't cracked open many books since graduating last April. When will this change? I hope the answer is soon!

Wanting: a long weekend getaway before Baby Dang comes. Maybe Mackinac Island or Niagara Falls.

Looking: forward to a 3 day weekend, seeing family, and crafting with my friend. *Hi Hannah!*

Playing: with Cooper every night after work.

Wishing: I could sleep better at night and wake up feeling refreshed.

Enjoying: the last few (quiet) months spent with the hubby before baby comes.

Waiting: for our little one to arrive...only 4 more months!

Liking: Mini Twix bars. I bought family pack from Meijer and have been taking a couple to work every day. *No shame*
Needing: ice's what's for dessert lately.

Wondering: What will Baby Dang look like? Will we be good parents? Just so many things going through my head right now.

Loving: my hubby. He's truly the best husband and I can't thank him enough for all he does. He will do anything from doing the dishes, to mowing, to laundry, to keeping Cooper occupied, to supporting our family with a smile on his face. A day doesn't go by that I don't feel like the luckiest wife in the world. *That's because I am*

Hoping: to get a lot of house work done this weekend. You know, with a housewarming/gender reveal party at the end of the month and all.

Wearing: maternity jeans, maternity shirt, and Toms. This is my usual pregnant mama uniform lately, but I can't wait until it's warm enough here in Michigan to wear dresses and flip flops!
Drinking: Raspberry Lemonade. Lots and lots of water. And the occasional Coke.

Noticing: that bending over is getting harder and harder. Keep growing big and strong in there, baby!

Knowing: my grandpa loves me and is very proud of me. He's been there for me during soccer games, choir concerts, cross country meets, a good laugh, serious talks, cries together, graduations, and lots more. It hurts my heart to see him in the hospital, but it also makes me smile from ear to ear when he tears up and tells me he is proud of who I've become. *Favorite grandchild award*

Thinking:  I'll be pale the rest of my life. There's no denying it.

Feeling: tired. Will this ever go away? Ha!

Bookmarking: all things baby and home on Pinterest.

Opening: box after box.
Pheww! We made it! Now it's your turn. Pick one topic from above and let me know what's been happening in your life lately.

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  1. Wonderful, thoughtful blog, Katie. We are happy to hear all your news and thoughts. Hope your grandpa continues to heal and gets out of the hospital. I know how close you are. FEELING: Glad you have you in my life and so excited about September when the baby will be born (and my new book will come out!).