Family & Micah's One Year Pictures {2016}

Coincidentally, Micah's one year and our family pictures fell on the same day, one year later, from the day we had Micah's newborn pictures taken. I honestly did not plan it that way, it just happened to be the best day for both our photographer and our schedules. Our pictures were taken at dusk at a local county park in the Nature Preserve and it was absolutely gorgeous. Our photographer was the talented Kathryn of Kathryn Bessette Photography. She is the sweetest nurse turned stay-at-home mom to three who started exploring photography when her first son was born. Such a cool story! 
Prepare yourself for a dump of pictures, but I couldn't resist.

Family Pictures

This first one is my absolute favorite.

I'm so lucky to spend forever with this man right here. He knows me like no one else and still loves me unconditionally.

I could kiss these chubby baby cheeks for ever and ever.

Little man was intrigued with the electrical wires above our heads. So cute!

Momma's got dimples and baby's got smiles.

This is Micah's inquisitive face, his favorite face to make. I keep telling him that his face will get stuck like that, but he doesn't seem to care much. Ha!

Baby smiles, baby teeth, baby suspenders. Enough said.

I love this surprised face. Daddy looks pretty cute here, too.

Micah's One Year Pictures

Oh, this stuff is yummy!

I lovingly refer to this pose as "Grandpa's stance" because Khanh's dad always sits like this. When I tell Micah to sit down, he thinks this qualifies and won't actually sit on his bottom. I find it hilarious! 

That bow tie though!

He conquered the cake!

If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands!

I can't say enough "thank you's" to Kathryn. If you live in the Metro-Detroit area, I would highly recommend Kathryn Bessette Photography as a family and kid-friendly photographer.

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