5 Ways to be a Better Wife

Buying a house, getting a puppy, and having a baby can definitely put a lot of stress on your marriage. Every day, I have to work at being the best wife I can be. Oh boy, do I fail at this some days. Especially when the dog wants to go outside 157 times and the baby wants to eat for the 519th time today. In my heart I know I tried my hardest that day. I'm sure my hubby knows this, too. Here's 5 ways that I try to be a better wife to my hubby each day.
1. Pray for your husband daily
When's the last time you prayed for your husband? You don't have to set aside 5 minutes of your day to accomplish this, you can pray wherever, whenever, and for whatever you want. Pray for your husband in the shower, in the car, while cooking dinner, during workouts, before bed, while brushing your teeth. See? You really can pray wherever and whenever. God's always listening. What matters is that your prayers are sincere. Maybe you're not sure what to pray about. Some things I pray over my hubby include: his struggles, his work, his happiness, his health, and his role as the leader of our family.

2. Do not depend on your husband for your happiness
Now, I'm not saying that your husband can't or won't make you happy. But, what I am saying is that your happiness shouldn't come from your husband alone. That's a lot of pressure for anyone to bear. When you stop expecting your happiness to come from your husband and you choose to be happy, you are better serving your husband and your marriage.

3. Forgive
My Hubby and I are far from perfect and we both have moments we'd like to forget about. But, the past is the past and life doesn't get an undo button. Learn from your past mistakes and let it go moving forward. How freeing would that be for both you and your husband? Each new day brings new opportunities.

4. Communicate, communicate, communicate
Ladies, your husband cannot read your mind! You shouldn't expect him to know how you are feeling if you don't vocalize it. I'll admit that this is probably the hardest of the 5 for me. I'll hold every thing in and then one little thing will set me off. It's not good and I am trying really hard to let my Hubby know what I'm feeling when I'm feeling it.

5. Appreciate your husband
We are so quick to thank a complete stranger for holding the door open before we've even walked through said door, but show no gratitude towards our husband's for working hard all day long. Is that because we've come to expect so much out of our husbands? You don't need to lower the expectations of your husband, but you do need to show appreciation for his hard work. Showing appreciation towards your husband benefits both of you. When you give appreciation, you often receive more in return.

There are days that you don't accomplish all 5 of these, but that's okay. The only thing that matters is that you are making an effort to be a better wife. The journey starts now.

Will you join me on this mission to becoming a better wife?

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